Housing Rehabilitation and Development

Neighborhoods are often defined by the condition and/or character of its existing housing stock. As housing structures become older and suffer from neglect, many are left vacant and abandoned, while others remain occupied by families who lack the necessary resources to make vital repairs. A recent study indicates that the city of Jackson has 75,409 residential housing units, with 10 percent of these units being vacant and abandoned. Occupied housing units are also in a “serious state of decline”. Substandard housing exists in communities throughout the State of Mississippi as well.

In an effort to save some dilapidated housing structures, organizations such as the Mississippi Housing Partnership has conducted housing rehabilitation activities. MHP has acquired and rehabbed at least 200 units since inception, primarily utilizing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. However, there is much more to be done both in terms of rehabilitation and new housing development, as residents deserve to have decent, safe and sanitary places to call home. Neighborhoods can also be revitalized and given a chance for stabilization.